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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Have An "EASY" Button?


'Camera Phone Book' by Aimee Baldridge is a Great Book. The old saying is… "Good Things Come In Small Packages", holds true for this eBook. It is information packed and written in a concise brief manner that makes it an easy afternoon read. Everything you ever need to know about how to, fully utilize your camera phone is in this book. There are a lot of website reference sites in this book to help you enhance your photo taking ability. The Book didn't take too long to read but the researching the websites could take some time. However, that's my thing.. so I am not complaining.

'Easy Digital Music' by Tom Bunzel. This eBook talks about how to use the most popular music programs from MP3 Player programs, to music managers, to iTunes. This is great for teens and for gray hairs who are mystified by digital music.... Both these Titles are real easy reads and VERY helpful with the do-dads that we use often. I don't go anywhere without my eBook Reader, Camera Phone, and MP3 Player. Come on People it's the digital age and we need to understand the full capacity of our gadgets. Don't forget about what great gifts Digital Music Players and Camera Phones make for the Parent's and the Kid's. The Holiday Season is right around the corner! Check below for the coupon code so you can get a discount on these two eBook titles.

CAMERA PHONE BK eBook edition by Baldridge, Aimee
Aimee Baldridge is a writer and photographer based in New York. She covers photography and imaging technology for a variety of magazines and online publications and was previously a senior editor covering digital imaging at CNET Network Reviews. Robert Clark, a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, New York, has been a regular and award-winning contributor to National Geographic magazine. In 2005 he published Image America, the first photo book to use only images from a camera phone.
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Easy Digital Music, 1/e (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Bunzel, Tom
Your home PC is a virtual concert just waiting to happen. Your PC can become a complete audio entertainment center with song you download or tracks already in your music collection. Easy Digital Music will teach you the basics of creating, enhancing, organizing and distributing digital music on your PC. Discover the best websites for downloading music, ways to convert your cassettes and record albums into digital music files and tips on using iTunes, Roxio Easy Media Creator 7, Windows Media Player and MusicMatch software. Digital music can be easily transferred to other computers or your MP3 player and Easy Digital Music will show you how it's done. Create a soundtrack for your life at work, at home and at play
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