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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Color And Crafts Come Together For Me This Week


'Color Confidence' by Tim Grey. Most photographers agree entering the digital world can be very challenging. There is a vast amount of information to filter through. Tim Grey is an expert in that area and is up there with all the top people in the digital world. This is exactly what I was looking for; it gives a quick in-and-out overview of color management, with detailed information about calibration and profiles. Other books on this topic are twice the size, which I don't think is necessary for most people. I am a "confident amateur" photographer and found this book to be chock-full of information, and I have already started to use what I'm learning from it with excellent results.

'Crafters Companion' by a Community of Creative Minds. I did have a nice time reading this eBook as well as watching and trying the projects. It really is fun to read about the people that creates the things you're going to do. The projects are so fun also and not so difficult to follow. You will not be disappointed. The only trouble you will have is which project to try first. There is a Coupon Code at the bottom of this Blog for you to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

COLOR CONFIDENCE (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Grey, Tim
Establishing a successful color management workflow that produces predictable results is an important -- yet tricky -- undertaking. Most photographers are all too familiar with the frustration of a print not matching the image on the monitor. In Color Confidence, digital imaging expert Tim Grey provides the crucial information you need to get the color you want, every time.
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CRAFTERS COMPANION (Adobe Reader) eBook edition
In a world where every material desire can be filled by ready-made, machine-perfect goods, why do some people still insist on doing things by hand? The Crafter's Companion is for everybody who loves the world of hand-crafts and anybody who's ever wondered what exactly there is to love about it. An on-line community of skilled artists have come together to answer these questions: * Why do you create? * What inspires you? * How do you work?
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